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Selected Publications

Creating a Virtual Tropical Forest from Three-dimensional Aerial Imagery to Estimate Carbon Stocks, Sandra Brown, Timothy Pearson, Dana Slaymaker, Stephen Ambagis, Nathan Moore, Darrell Novelo and Wilber Sabido. Ecological Applications, 15(3), 2005, pp. 1083–1095.

Use of Large-scale 3D Multispectral Digital Aerial Imagery for Analysis of Forest Structure, Brown, S. and D.M. Slaymaker. Poster presented at NASA workshop Multi-Dimensional Forested Ecosystem Structure: Requirements for Remote Sensing Observations. 23-25 June 2003, Annapolis, MD.

Using Georeferenced Large-scale Aerial Videography as a Surrogate for Ground Validation, D.M. Slaymaker in Wulder, Michael A. and Steve E. Franklin (eds.), 2003. Remote Sensing of Forest Environments: Concepts and Case Studies. Kluwer, ISBN 1-4020-7405-0, Hardbound, pp. 469-488.

Application of Multispectral 3-Dimensional Aerial Digital Imagery for Estimating Carbon Stocks in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest, Pearson T., S. Ambagis, S. Brown, D. Slaymaker, N. Moore, 2005. Developed for The Nature Conservancy Conservation Partnership Agreement. Winrock International, Arlington, VA.

Geocoded digital videography for validation of land cover mapping in the Amazon basin, Hess, L.L., E.M.L.M. Novo, D.M. Slaymaker, J. Holt, C. Steffen, D.M. Valeriano, L.A.K. Mertes, T. Krug, J.M. Melack, M. Gastil, C. Holmes, C. Hayward, 2002. International Journal of Remote Sensing, v23, n7: 1527-1555.

Integrating Small Format Aerial Photography, Videography, and a Laser Profiler for Environmental Monitoring, H. Schultz, D.M. Slaymaker, C. Holmes, F. Stolle, A. Hanson, E. Riseman, ISPRS WG III/I Workshop on Integrated Sensor Calibration and Orientation, Portland, Maine, June 16-17, 1999.

Aerial Point Sampling for Land Use Surveys, M. Norton-Griffiths, Journal of Biogeography 15, 149-156.